Special Pricing

Special Pricing Makes Calonex Your Best Choice

We understand you make every effort to keep costs down to maximize income. We have your back with a top of the line real estate management platform deigned from the ground up to perfectly address the tasks you need most. Save time, do less work, get far better results with Calonex®.

We offer special pricing for new clients and large operations that need extensive access and service. Please contact us to discuss the special pricing you need. Our expert team will work with you to give you the great value you want and deserve.

We have created the ultimate easy to use Rental Management System that lets you do less work, experience far less inconvenience, while maximizing the earnings of your properties.

Calonex® gives you complete insider information on the rental, financial, and work histories of every rental applicant. Never again sign a lease with a renter who disappoints and leaves you with big expenses

1 Year Plan

$69.95 / 1 year
  • Price : $69.95
  • DISCOUNT : 0%
  • FINAL PRICE : $69.95

3 Year Plan

$167.88 / 3 year
  • Price : $209.656
  • DISCOUNT : 20%
  • FINAL PRICE : $167.88

5 Year Plan

$209.97 / 5 year
  • Price : $349.95
  • DISCOUNT : 40%
  • FINAL PRICE : $209.97